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Aluminum and Copper Industry

  • The metallurgical industry has five main functions, smelting, non-ferrous metal production, production of ferroalloys and pig iron, manufacture of pipes and steel. The steel industry is a very important part of metallurgy, is engaged in the manufacture and treatment of cast steel. The casting occurs when a metal in its liquid state is placed in a mold to achieve the desired shape.

  • The automotive sector, shipbuilding or aerospace, the performance of manufacturing industries are closely linked with the performance of the metallurgical industry. The importance of using metals in everyday life is essential for man and this use is only possible because of the metallurgical industry.

  • DME Brasil is able to offer several services in the area of ​​Aluminum and Copper Industry.





Main services

  • » Casting Furnaces;

  • » Refining ovens;

  • » Flash Ovens;

  • » Calciners;

  • » Potes;

  • » Transportation Buckets;

  • » Chimneys.