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Electrical and appliances

  • The metallurgical industry has five main functions, smelting, non-ferrous metal production, production of ferroalloys and pig iron, manufacture of pipes and steel. The steel industry is a very important part of metallurgy, is engaged in the manufacture and treatment of cast steel. The casting occurs when a metal in its liquid state is placed in a mold to achieve the desired shape.

  • »The business in the area of ​​electromechanical assembly and maintenance engineering is conducted through its own workforce, whose services include: »Mechanical assembly of equipment, fabrication and assembly of metal structures and pipes, welding and machining of parts; »Low and medium voltage electrical assembly; »Instrumentation and automation; »Testing and commissioning of equipment, among others. Taking advantage of synergies with its refractory assembly and maintenance engineering services, DME Brasil has strategically developed a line of complete service solutions business - All Round Engineering - adding greater value and trust to the client in the services entrusted to our company.





All Round Engineering