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  • The metallurgical industry has five main functions, smelting, non-ferrous metal production, production of ferroalloys and pig iron, manufacture of pipes and steel. The steel industry is a very important part of metallurgy, is engaged in the manufacture and treatment of cast steel. The casting occurs when a metal in its liquid state is placed in a mold to achieve the desired shape.

  • » The search for the best service for our clients led DME through international partnerships to develop a local division exclusively dedicated to the representation and sale of heat-containment materials and refractory materials. We are able to supply all kinds of refractory materials. Our family of companies provides a full range of refractory and metal products and services for hot process applications. Our team constantly seeks the state of the art through the development of partnerships with international companies aiming at new technological supports related to the products, methodologies, techniques and equipment of last generation, in order to optimize the time and the quality of the projects and also to reduce the operational costs of our customers. Adopting the All Round Engineering philosophy, DME always seeks the needs of each customer, developing solutions tailored to meet them. Our world-wide experience and the experience of our specialized departments guarantee the best solution in the following.


» Project management; » Project Engineering & Repair Engineering; » Diagnosis of refractory coatings; » Drawings & Documentation of the Purchase / Purchase Process of the product; » Supply of refractory materials, mainly in turn key projects; » Mechanical manufacturing (boiler) / Machining of parts; » Manufacturing supervision; » Disassembly / Demolition and electromechanical and refractory assembly services; » Activities for cooling, heating and drying of Refractories.





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