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DME Brazil People Management

» It is essential that companies care about their employees, and with all the infrastructure it offers the employee so that he can perform his duties well. For this reason the management of people is so important, because the companies are made exclusively of people and all their success or failure depends on them, it is necessary that the workers work in favor of the company, so that the goals established by it, and on the other hand they expect to receive a fair salary through their function and benefits that make them work better and better.


With the concern for the human being in his work environment, it is important that people management be put into practice successfully, so that a good and productive work environment can be created, where not only the company benefits but also their employees, and that they can feel happy to work, achieving the company's full success and personal satisfaction.


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DME Brasil values

  • Respect for people and the environment: Always act fairly and correctly in relation to shareholders, professionals, clients, suppliers, governments, local communities and society in general. Act responsibly in relation to the environment.

Responsible performance: Meet what is established in legislation, wherever we act, acting in an integral manner. Respect diversity according to universal norms of good human coexistence, without discrimination of race, creed, religion, position, function or otherwise.

Transparency: Provide clear and comprehensive information on the Group's activities, achievements, policies and performance in a systematic and accessible manner.

Focus on the result: Always seek to maximize the performance of the Group, as a way to guarantee its permanence, its investments, the return to shareholders and the conditions suitable to the professionals.

Quality and innovation: Ensuring the quality of services and products and invest continuously in the improvement of professionals and companies.