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Industry Incineration and Energy

  • The metallurgical industry has five main functions, smelting, non-ferrous metal production, production of ferroalloys and pig iron, manufacture of pipes and steel. The steel industry is a very important part of metallurgy, is engaged in the manufacture and treatment of cast steel. The casting occurs when a metal in its liquid state is placed in a mold to achieve the desired shape. Waste incineration employs high temperature furnaces to burn waste streams, which go into complete combustion. This ensures sanitary treatment and destruction of organic components and minimizes the presence of combustible waste in the resulting ashes. " The process usually consists of two stages: the residue is burned in the primary chamber, which is the direct receptor, at a temperature high enough for some of the substances present to become gases and another to take the form of small particles. In that device, the operating temperature typically ranges from 500 ° C to 900 ° C. In all configurations, the oxygen supply in this chamber is sub-stoichiometric, thus avoiding elevated temperature gradients. Under these controlled conditions, volatilization of large amounts of metals present in the residue is avoided. DME Brasil is able to offer several services in the area of ​​Incineration and Energy





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