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Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

  • The metallurgical industry has five main functions, smelting, non-ferrous metal production, production of ferroalloys and pig iron, manufacture of pipes and steel. The steel industry is a very important part of The petrochemical industry is part of the chemical industry. It is characterized by using an oil derivative (naphtha) or natural gas as basic raw materials. However, many products called petrochemicals, such as polyethylene, can be obtained both from these raw materials and from others, such as coal (in the case of South Africa) or alcohol (Brazil).

  • The chemical industry's official classifications do not use the "petrochemical" concept separately.

  • Petroleum refining is not part of the petrochemical industry, although some publications still put the two together, they are different industries. Oil refining is part of the oil industry. Petrochemicals are part of the chemical industry. In general, it is understood that the petrochemical activity begins with the production of ethylene and its co-products, as well as other naphtha or natural gas derivatives, for industrial purposes. DME Brasil is able to offer several services in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry.





Main services

  • » Cracking Furnaces;
  • » Chimneys;
  • » Cyclones;
  • » Regenerators;
  • » Boilers;
  • » Vases;
  • » Riser;
  • » Ducts.