Turnkey Contract
Simplified processes and reduced risks for the client. Visualize all project stages without worries.
Excellence in Integrated Solutions
Maximize your results
and optimize your resources
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Our Services

Whether developing customized solutions, reducing intervention time for correctives maintenances, providing technical support for project improvement, transforming processes to be safer and more efficient, DME Engenharia drives innovation around you.

Turnkey Projects

This type of contract offers the client the convenience of receiving a complete and functional project, without worrying about coordinating different suppliers.

Electromechanical Services

With our own specialized workforce, we offer various comprehensive services, such as electromechanical equipment assembly, welding, among others.

Scaffolding Assembly

DME ensures the safety and efficiency of works at height, with specialized teams and strict procedures for scaffolding assembly and disassembly.

Engineering and Products

Adopting the All Round Engineering philosophy, we consider the unique needs of each client, developing tailor-made solutions to meet them.

Mechanical Manufacturing

With our own facilities and specialized team, we provide manufacturing of metal structures, machining, among other services.

Refractory Services

DME Engenharia provides services to major global companies, catering to various industrial sectors.


DME Engenharia delivers complete and high-quality solutions that meet the demands of the global market.

Our commitment to excellence in integrated solutions is one of the main reasons for our clients' trust.


All Round Engineering Philosophy

With tailor-made solutions, we ensure customer
satisfaction at every stage of the project, from
conception to completion.

Integrated Solutions

By integrating the Know-how of our technical team
and of the client, we always seek the best cost-benefit.

TURN KEY Contract

With integrated management of all disciplines, we take responsibility for providing a complete package of solutions, simplifying the process for our clients.

Assets Integrity Management

Our focus is to help our clients optimize their maintenance costs and improve plant performance, with innovative solutions that increase the lifespan of their operational assets.

Strategic Alliances

To offer high-level customized solutions
to our clients, we maintain strategic alliances
with important players in the global market.

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