About Us

Global Expertise in Industrial Projects

We drive our clients' productivity and performance, while reducing costs.

With extensive experience in projects carried out for major companies recognized worldwide, we offer specialized supervision from the beginning of the project to the commissioning of the plant.

Our Mission

To excel in providing integrated solutions in the industry for refractory coating processes, through engineering expertise and project management.

Our Vision

To be a market reference and the most revolutionary service company in its operating segments.

Our Values

Respect for people and the environment

Always act fairly and correctly in relation to shareholders, professionals, clients, suppliers, governments, local communities and society in general. Act responsibly towards the environment.

Responsible conduct

Comply with established legislation, acting with integrity. Respect diversity, without discrimination based on race, creed, religion, position, function or other factors.


Provide clear and comprehensive information about the Group's activities, achievements, policies and performance, in a systematic and accessible manner.

Focus on results

Always strive to maximize the Group's performance, to ensure its continuity, investments, the return to shareholders and suitable conditions for professionals.

Quality and innovation

Guarantee the quality of services and products, by continuously investing in the improvement of professionals and companies.

Distinctive Features

• Impacts Minimization

Our goal is to reduce the productive and financial impacts for our clients by constantly striving for the shortest intervention period possible.

• Experience

We have been operating in the market since 2016 and continuously enhancing our skills while maintaining strong and lasting partnerships.

• Agility

With a highly skilled and experienced technical team, we guarantee a quick and efficient response in seeking operational solutions for our clients.


This certification is the result of a rigorous evaluation and continuous improvement process of our management practices, ensuring the efficiency and reliability of our services.

With the ISO 9001 Certification, we further reinforce our commitment to providing personalized and effective solutions to meet our clients' needs.

Quality Policy

DME Engenharia believes that a positive work environment is crucial for the personal and professional development of our employees, and it is an essential factor for the overall productivity and efficiency of the company. We are committed to listening to and addressing the needs of our employees, providing an inclusive and fair work environment, that values diversity and equal opportunities.

Safety Above All

Our clients establish high safety standards and expect the same from their partners.

At DME Engenharia, safety is our top priority.

With a highly qualified and experienced team, we adopt the best safety practices in our operations and work closely with our clients, ensuring that our services are carried out in compliance with the current regulations.